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Ingredients from German cultivation

Ingredients from German cultivation

 Organic and vegan

Organic and vegan

 Without added sugar

Without added sugar

  • Choose from three delicious flavors:
    • Apple-carrot-rhubarb 🧡
    • Apple-strawberry-pear ❤️
    • Cucumber, spinach, mint and apple 💚
  • 3x 250 ml 💪
  • Glass bottles ♻️
  • Organic and vegan ✅
  • Without added sugar* 🚫
  • Made from local ingredients 🫶
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients 🌱

* Contains sugar by nature.

Smoothies with a home advantage.

With years of experience in the beverage sector in our pockets and innovation in our hearts, we are now conquering the world of taste even further - and at the same time staying very close to home: with the ingredients for our new smoothies from German cultivation!

Pure organic ingredients make all our products what you want them to be: a natural, perfectly flavored smoothie highlight in premium quality! 

Three delicious varieties:

APPLE-CARROT-RHUBARB - orange flavor oasis
APPLE-STRAWBERRY-PEAR - red palate refinement
CUCUMBER-SPINACH-MINT-APPLE - green pleasure-happiness

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There are many smoothies out there. So why should you go to Kloster Kitchen ? Clearly, we have the home advantage!

Immerse yourself in the delicious world of smoothies from Kloster Kitchen, created from carefully selected local organic ingredients.

Our smoothies are more than just a drink - they are a journey through the flavors of our region. From local fields and orchards it goes - almost - straight into the glass! And you can taste this quality. Taste and tradition in every sip: simply love of home in a glass!



    Your portion of fruit and vegetables for the day in one gulp - or a few more.


    If you are thinking of simply satisfying your hunger better.


    No space and no time? Quickly packed, easily transported!


Product FAQ

Of course! We make sure that only the best of the best ends up in our products. This is of course also the case with our smoothies. Selected local organic farmers supply the best fruit and vegetables for our unbeatably delicious smoothies!

No! Our delicious organic smoothies have no added sugar at all, they only contain the sugar that is naturally found in fruit and vegetables. But they still taste incredibly good thanks to the delicious organic ingredients, which are perfectly balanced! For a fantastic taste without a guilty conscience!

Due to the proportion of vegetables and the carefully considered selection of fruit, our smoothies contain comparatively fewer calories. You can find the exact calorie tables and nutritional information here.