Small but nice


"Ginger Shots" - what are those anyway? They must have something to do with ginger?

Guess right. Ginger shots are concentrated drinks made mainly from fresh ginger. The second part of the name comes from the quantity, because the servings are meant to be drunk in a single gulp - just like a shot!  

So ginger shots are the full power of ginger in just one sip!


✓ Essential oils and pungents.
✓ Trace elements such as zinc and iron.
✓ Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.


Kloster Kitchen Ginger Shots are not only super delicious, but simply unique! Because we are the original with the ginger pieces.

According to an old monastery recipe, the spiciness of the ginger pieces and the natural sweetness of the agave form a harmonious composition. Together with sour-sweet lemon, the unmistakably fresh and fruity taste is created. Of course, all organic, vegan and without artificial additives!

BTW: Meanwhile, there are not only pure ginger shots! We have combined the power of ginger with other flavors: Turmeric, Pomegranate and Pineapple!

Ingredient of the Ginger Shot Classic: a ginger bulb that bursts into pieces.

How to drink ginger shots?


In itself, of course, you can drink as many shots as you want and when you want.

But we're happy to give you a few pointers:

  • First thing in the morning a shot will help you start the day well and get the best out of you!
  • Our shots don't need to be chilled, but taste best to most of our customers when chilled - giving you an extra kick of freshness right away!
  • One daily dose is approximately 30 ml. Our 1SHOTS are therefore exactly 30 ml. If you have a 12SHOTS with 360 ml, our shot glasses with a small line will help you with the division.