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With ginger pieces

With ginger pieces

 Old monastery recipe

Old monastery recipe

 Organic and vegan

Organic and vegan

  • Pack of 4 Kloster Kitchen Shot glasses 🤩 
  • With 30 ml marking for child's play portioning đź’Ş
  • Original product made of real glass ♻️
  • Dishwasher safe âś…
Our shot glass.
The perfect shot needs a good glass. You will be perfectly equipped with our exclusive Kloster Kitchen Shot glasses, thanks to their 30 ml markings.

(Decorative items are not included in delivery).

Our 12SHOTS. Opens the eyes. And the mind.

As a 360 ml power supply, the 12SHOTS is perfect for all positive momententalists. 12 ginger shots for almost two weeks will gladly bring you to the front first thing in the morning. Time to open the windows in your head and let in the power of the original with the bits.

Our 1SHOT. Power substance in its smallest form.

What you have in store with the 12SHOTS is the 1SHOT for on the go and in between. After sport, a long bike ride, a long train journey, an annoying day at the office: treat yourself to a small, light-sharp break and bring your mental battery back up to 100%. Ready, Steady, 1SHOT.

Everything you need to know.

  • Our secret recipe: a recipe.

    According to a traditional monastery recipe, we offer you genuine organic ginger shots. As pure and natural as it was back then.

  • The original with ginger pieces.

    Each of our products contains real ginger pieces. As part of the special recipe, our shots become a tangible taste experience.

  • Pure ginger.

    There are a lot of ginger shots out there. We want to stay as close to ginger as possible. That's why we put pieces of ginger in our shots instead of juice.

  • Not just outstanding in terms of flavour.

    We regularly win prizes for our work. We are already proud of that. But we are much prouder of the many great reviews on

Product FAQ

Each of our shot glasses is 6.6 cm high and 4.5 cm wide.

Our glasses have a 30 ml mark, so you can measure your shot exactly. If you fill the small glass completely to the rim, a double portion of 60 ml will fit exactly.

Thanks to the thick base and the robust glass, our shot glasses can withstand a lot and are not only absolutely stable but also comfortable to hold.

Our shot glasses are made of high quality glass, dishwasher safe and can be used again and again. So you don't have to worry, you can put the glasses in the dishwasher without hesitation.