Woman sits on the bed and stretches, and starts the day well thanks to wake-up ginger.
Woman sits on the bed and stretches, and thanks to healthy wake-up ginger starts well in. the day.


Coffee, espresso, cappuccino...for many early risers, these wake-up beverages are indispensable to get the day off to a good start. But morning coffee is getting some serious competition from the ever-popular super root ginger

Table of Contents: 

1. why ginger instead of coffee?

2. ginger - but how?

a, ginger tea
b, ginger water
c, ginger shots

3. from the monastery kitchen to your morning routine

Woman drinks a healthy morning pick-me-up: a ginger shot from Kloster Kitchen

Competition to coffee: the ginger shot

Why ginger instead of coffee

When the alarm clock rings and a new day begins, many morning grouches first need some time to get going. Until now, coffee has been regarded as the ultimate wake-up stimulant for precisely this situation. But new findings show that the bean could soon have competition from another popular natural product: Ginger.

The tropical miracle tuber ginger is known for its spicy-hot taste. This is made possible by the gingerols. They are contained in abundance in the root and are responsible for the spiciness. But the superfood can convince with more than just its aromas.

Ginger boosts circulation and also revs up the metabolism: the perfect healthy pick-me-up! On top of that, the root is also said to help against nausea. Not for nothing has ginger been used for centuries in Ayuverda (traditional Indian medicine) and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

Ginger - but how?

Few people are likely to quickly grab a ginger tuber in the morning to eat it raw instead of having a cup of coffee. But there are other ways to consume the spicy tuber:

1. ginger tea

For tea, simply pour boiling water over a few slices of ginger and steep for 10 minutes, or alternatively, boil the ginger together with the water for 10 minutes as well. If it is not an organic product, do not forget to peel the ginger beforehand!

2. ginger water

The only difference between ginger tea and ginger water is the drinking temperature. If you let your ginger tea cool down, you have ginger water. Depending on your preference, the healthy stimulant is also very refreshing, for example in summer with a few ice cubes.

3. ginger shots

Unlike water and tea, the Ginger Shot is a concentrated form of ginger. Therefore, only small portions are necessary here. The shot is then drunk in one gulp.

From the monastery kitchen to your morning routine

You want to save yourself the effort of making your own ginger drink? With the Ginger Shot from Kloster Kitchen you get your daily wake-up call perfectly portioned on the table - with ginger pieces and the popular wake-up flavor.

Our ginger shots are perfect for your daily ginger routine. Whether at home in the 12 serving 360ml bottle or in the convenient 30ml to-go version. The spiciness of the unique ginger pieces paired with lemon and agave syrup make the Ginger Shot Classic a tasty companion for a day full of energy and drive - of course 100% organic and vegan. 

The healthy morning pick-me-up: Ginger Shot Classic 12SHOTS, just taken out of the fridge.

Ginger Shot for every morning, refreshing from the large supply bottle