A TV with a lion on it like on the TV show "Höhle der Löwen", next to it the Kloster Kitchen logo.


Kloster Kitchen makes the deal ...! Or? We have to disappoint you. The short answer is: Kloster Kitchen was never on Höhle der Löwen. But there is still a certain connection. You can read more about it here ↓

  1. What is "The Lion's Den"?
  2. Wöhrl-wide Connection - This is what the Wöhrl family stands by Kloster Kitchen
  3. Who is Hans Rudolph Wöhrl?
  4. INTRO-duction? No? Or is it? - The INTRO Group and Kloster Kitchen

What is "The Lion's Den"?

Oh, you don't know the TV show at all? No problem, we'll explain the process to you. On the show, clever inventors and entrepreneurs present their ideas to a group of investors, the "lions." The goal? Convince one of the lions to invest in the business.

The participants stand in front of the investors, nervous and sweating, and have a few minutes to convince them of their idea. The product or service is presented, and it is also clarified how much money is needed and what is offered in return. Then the lions let off steam. They ask tough questions, demand shares in companies and offer deals that the participants can accept or reject.

It gets heated, emotional and sometimes even downright funny. The lions aren't exactly squeamish when it comes to getting a good deal. But hey, they know what they're doing. They have years of experience and millions of euros in their bank accounts. If a deal is accepted, it means not only money, but also expertise and contacts. If not, the contestant has to return home empty-handed from the "Lions' Den." 

Wöhrl-Wide Connection

Even though we have never stood in front of the lions, there is a certain connection. One of our investors is more than just on a first-name basis with a lioness. Hans Rudolph Wöhrl - husband of Dagmar Wöhrl, well-known "Höhle der Löwen" investor - has been an integral part of Kloster Kitchen for more than 5 years. Wöhrl is convinced of the product, business plan and the team and already invested a seven-digit amount in 2018.

Who is Hans Rudolf Wöhrl? 

Hans Rudolf Wöhrl is a well-known figure in the business world. Not only is he a successful entrepreneur himself, he also invests in other up-and-coming business people with the INTRO Group .

INTRO - duction? No! Or is it?

The INTRO Group makes INTROductions. Fast. It is an investment firm that specializes in supporting young companies. These startups are supported during their growth process strategically accompanied and supported with various means - even sometimes with one or the other "Introduction" between the companies! Besides Kloster Kitchen , other well-known companies are also part of the INTRO Group portfolio: 

Portfolio of INTRO Group with logos of: waterdrop, Dormero Hotels, Spooning Cookie Dough, Morotai, Grace Flowerbox and Löwenkind.

INTRO Group portfolio: waterdrop, Dormero Hotels, Spooning Cookie Dough, Morotai, Grace Flowerbox and Löwenkind.